What is Sunphenon?

Dried tea leavesA pioneer in the manufacture, research, development and application of green tea and green tea extracts, the mission of Taiyo is to bring reliability, safety and high quality to all consumers of green tea around the world. Drawing upon the 50-year experience of Taiyo Kagaku, having focused on green tea research and nutritional product development, together with the world’s leading manufacturing technology, Taiyo is the leader in the fast growing field of green tea.

Studies over the past ten years have provided mounting evidence that green tea polyphenols can affect human and animal health in many positive ways. Such polyphenols can also provide strong antioxidant effects in non-biological systems. Green tea has demonstrated antioxidant, antibacterial, anticariogenic, thermogenic, weight control, kidney protecting, deodorizing, and blood glucose and blood lipid controlling properties.

Although there are more than 3,000 types of tea, all tea is made from the evergreen plant species Camellia sinensis and classified as green tea (unfermented), oolong tea (semi-fermented) and black tea (fully fermented). Semi- and fermented tea turns brown due to fermentation activating oxidization of enzymes, or a biochemical reaction of proteins, in the tea. Green tea is quickly dried by steaming or pan-firing. This inactivates enzymes, which is why green tea maintains its natural, chlorophyll color and high catechin content.

Tea polyphenols, consisting mostly of tea catechins, account for 20% of the tea leaf and are responsible for the majority of the health benefits of green tea. Tea polyphenols have found wide application in foods, cosmetics, supplements and pharmaceuticals.

The popularity of green tea continues to grow with the ever increasing volume of research confirming a variety of health benefits. At the same time, a number of companies have come under regulatory scrutiny due to the quality and/or safety of their tea extracts. Most of this concern has been traced back to questionable extraction methods and a general lack of adherence to solvent and pesticide regulations.

Sunphenon® is produced from pesticide compliant green tea. Sunphenon® is produced from pesticide controlled green tea leaf, extracted via a water infusion process and decaffeinated using only approved food grade solvents to assure compliance with stringent U.S. FDA residual pesticide regulations for tea as outlined in 40CFR180.  No chloroform or other illegal solvents are used in the processing of any Sunphenon extracts.