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Sunphenon EGCg and Teavigo receive ISO Natural certification

Sunphenon EGCg and Teavigo have been classified as a 100 percent natural ingredients by the International Organization for Standardization, meeting the requirements of ISO 19657:2017. This means food and supplement manufacturers formulating with Sunphenon EGCg and Teavigo can use the “100% natural” claim on their product labels. They can also use this certification to simplify […]

Green tea for beauty

Green tea for beauty was the subject of a recent NutraIngredients interview with Bill Driessen of Taiyo. Here’s what appeared in a NutraIngredients article by Hank Schultz: The beauty-from-within market is one of those that is perennially not quite ready for prime time, at least in North America. But officials at Taiyo International believe that’s about […]

Green tea beer from Stone Brewing

Green tea beer is once again available from Stone Brewing Company of Escondido, California. Stone, a California craft beer pioneer, has teamed up again with Baird Brewing Company of Japan and Ishii Brewing Company of Guam to offer a delicious green tea beer in the IPA style. The three brewmasters, Bryan Baird, Toshi Ishii and […]

Green tea tops 2014 NutraIngredients coverage

  Green tea tops 2014 NutraIngredients coverage, according to the editors of NutraIngredients, who heralded a story on the benefits of green tea as the #1 science story for the year. Other top ten stories in NutraIngredients covered mitochondria, curcumin, fish oil and the brain, and protein enrichment. The surging interest in products that deliver […]

Chinese Starbucks feature green tea Frappuccino

Chinese Starbucks feature green tea Frappuccino,® according to an article in The Daily Mail. The Starbucks in China are offering up a green tea Frappuccino topped by sweetened whole kernels of red beans. Frappuccino is a name trademarked by Starbucks for a beverage made with coffee or tea and blended with ice and other ingredients. Green […]

Green tea polyphenols market growing

Is the global green tea polyphenols market growing? Yes, according to Grandview Research, Inc., which issued a market research report on the overall global market for tea polyphenols. Green tea polyphenols accounted for more than 70 percent of the global tea polyphenols market and was also the fastest growing segment. Green tea polyphenols are expected […]