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boost metabolism

What to eat to boost metabolism

If you are over 40, chances are good that your changing body composition may be causing your metabolism to slow down. Even if your weight has remained stable, the fight to keep the scale from edging upward often gets tougher with each passing year. Certified Personal Trainer Johnny Gillespie says clients frequently ask him for […]

Supermodel swears by green tea

A supermodel swears by green tea as one of her seven body secrets in the current issue of Marie Claire. In “Seven Perfect Body Secrets Supermodel Missy Rayder Swears By,” Rayder reports drinking “cups and cups of green tea – all the time.” Rayder says she especially drinks green tea after flying, to “de-puff.” Rayder […]

Green tea and lowering cholesterol: new research into how

Studies have suggested a link between consumption of green tea and lowering cholesterol levels. Now, scientists at a Chinese university have published a study that explores the chemical process that links green tea and lowering cholesterol levels. The study, “Mechanistic studies for tri-targeted inhibition of enzymes involved in cholesterol biosynthesis by green tea polyphenols,” pinpointed […]

Green Tea Cookies Featured in The New York Times

Green tea cookies were featured in The New York Times in the Dining & Wine Section. The cookies, Cha No Ka, are tender green tea biscuits sandwiching white chocolate and made from Okoicha strong matcha green tea. These delicious cookies are available at Dean & DeLuca. According to the Dean & DeLuca website, the cookies […]