Green tea and raw fish foster longer life

Consumption of green tea and raw fish foster longer life, according to the British Office for National Statistics, in London. The study  looked at the diet of Japanese women and indicated that a diet that includes regular consumption of raw fish, vegetables and green tea contributed to higher life expectancy. Japanese females have the highest life expectancy of women in selected countries, living for an average of 86.4 years, according to the study.

The study noted that Japanese females also consumer fewer calories than their British counterparts. A story in The Independent reports that according to Naomi Moriyama, co-author of Japanese Women Don’t Get Old or Fat: Secrets of My Mother’s Tokyo Kitchen, the average Japanese person eats around 25 per cent fewer calories than the average western person.Green tea and raw fish foster longer life

UK study links green tea and raw fish with longer life spans.

The UK study authors suggested that UK women could also find that increased consumption of green tea and raw fish foster longer life, emphasizing that both dietary and lifestyle changes are key.

Studies have shown that consumption of green tea polyphenols have numerous health benefits. A rich source of green tea polyphenols can be found in Sunphenon, from Taiyo International.

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