Alternative medicine expert mentions EGCg in column discussing what really works to rev metabolism

If you’re trying to find the incentive to lose weight and get into shape, consider what Canadian Dr. Bryce Wylde faced when he ran 235 kilometers through the hot and humid Costa Rican jungle. The experience prompted Wylde, a frequent guest on The Dr. Oz Show, to reflect on the difficulties many people face when they are trying to drop weight and get fit. In his recent column on metabolism and weight loss, he mentions a couple benefits of EGCg, a natural catechin found in green tea.

Wylde is known for using a blend of science and ancient remedies in clinical settings. This well-respected natural health practitioner knows what he’s talking about! He mentions several calorie-burning strategies such as eating spicy foods (“… studies found that people who ate spicy food tended to eat 30 percent less calories during the day”) and supplementing with EGCg (“Studies have suggested that the green tea extract EGCg boosts metabolism and may aid weight loss.”)

He also mentions that EGCg may help to enhance mood, and since snacking often goes hand-in-hand with stress or the blues, this might also be considered a weight-loss benefit of EGCg.

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