Nix sugar! Energizing green tea extract suggested in national TV show.

You might want to think twice before reaching for that high-sugar energy drink. As viewers of the national Better TV show learned recently, there may be a healthier alternative. Guest Dr. Felicia Stoler, author of Living Skinny in Fat Genes, suggests getting caffeine from products made with Sunphenon green tea extract instead. Not only will you get a safe energy boost, you’ll also get the health benefits of green tea polyphenols.

Stoler was invited to the show to help take the guesswork out of choosing natural dietary supplements. She cautioned that, “Natural does not mean safe. You have to be a savvy, smart consumer.”

There are concerns about energy drinks that contain too much sugar. “It’s not the best way to get your energy,” said Stoler, suggesting Sunphenon instead. “If you don’t want the sugar, sometimes just taking a capsule without all the extra calories is good.” In addition, with Sunphenon you also get the metabolism-boosting properties of EGCg.

Tea polyphenols, consisting mostly of tea catechins, account for 20 percent of the tea leaf and are responsible for the majority of the health benefits of green tea. However, a number of companies have come under regulatory scrutiny due to the quality and/or safety of their tea extracts. Most of this concern has been traced back to questionable extraction methods and a general lack of adherence to solvent and pesticide regulations.

Sunphenon is produced from pesticide-controlled green tea leaves meeting the stringent U.S. FDA residual pesticide regulations for tea as outlined in 40CFR180. No chloroform or other illegal solvents are used in the processing of any Sunphenon extracts

There are several consumer products on the market containing Sunphenon, including daily supplement capsules and green tea drink powders that blend easily into water for a refreshing beverage.

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