asks pharmacist to share nutritional advice for menopausal women

Suntheanine and Sunphenon may provide menopausal women with natural symptom relief, according to a recent article. In a December 13 interview, holistic pharmacist Sherry Torkos described how these ingredients may improve sleep quality and skin health.

Hot flashes and night sweats may cause menopausal women to have difficulty getting a good night’s sleep. Torkos explained that Suntheanine, a patented and clinically studied form of the amino acid L-theanine, promotes relaxation without next-day drowsiness. “This supplement is also helpful for women with PMS and perimenopausal symptoms,” added Torkos. It also helps to reduce stress while improving focus and concentration.

Many women also experience changes in their skin during menopause. Torkos encouraged women to fight the damaging and aging effects of free radicals by supplementing with Sunphenon, a standardized and decaffeinated green tea extract that is rich in the antioxidant EGCg.

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