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Chinese Starbucks feature green tea Frappuccino

Chinese Starbucks feature green tea Frappuccino,® according to an article in The Daily Mail. The Starbucks in China are offering up a green tea Frappuccino topped by sweetened whole kernels of red beans. Frappuccino is a name trademarked by Starbucks for a beverage made with coffee or tea and blended with ice and other ingredients. Green […]

breast health

Going green for breast health

You may think “pink” when you consider breast cancer awareness, but in her recent blog, holistic pharmacist Sherry Torkos encourages readers to think green for breast health instead. By that, she means green foods, green tea, green cleaning practices and green skin care. Torkos notes that there are certain breast cancer risk factors that are […]

Green Tea for World Heart Day

An Indian cardiologist recommends drinking green tea for World Heart Day, and throughout the year. Quoted by the Indo-Asian News Service in New Delhi, Anil Bansal, chief cardiologist at Columbia Asia Hospital in the city of Gurgaon, India, extolled the benefits of green tea for heart health. He recommends Indian tea drinkers switch from black to […]

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What to eat to boost metabolism

If you are over 40, chances are good that your changing body composition may be causing your metabolism to slow down. Even if your weight has remained stable, the fight to keep the scale from edging upward often gets tougher with each passing year. Certified Personal Trainer Johnny Gillespie says clients frequently ask him for […]

Green tea may offer blood pressure and cholesterol benefits

Green tea may offer blood pressure and cholesterol benefits, according to a new study published in the scientific journal, Nutrition, Metabolism and Cardiovascular Diseases. The meta-study of 20 randomized clinical trials found that consuming green tea may help manage blood pressure and lower cholesterol levels. The authors of the study examined data from more than […]